Interface learning of multiphysics and multiscale systems

Complex natural or engineered systems comprise multiple characteristic scales, multiple spatiotemporal domains, and even multiple physical closure laws. To address such challenges, we introduce an interface learning paradigm and put forth a data-driven closure approach based on memory embedding to provide physically correct boundary conditions at the interface. To enable the interface learning for hyperbolic systems by considering the domain of influence and wave structures into account, we put forth the concept of upwind learning toward a physics-informed domain decomposition. The promise of the proposed approach is shown for a set of canonical illustrative problems. We highlight that high-performance computing environments can benefit from this methodology to reduce communication costs among processing units in emerging machine-learning-ready heterogeneous platforms toward exascale era.

Source: Ahmed, S. E., San, O., Kara, K., Younis, R. and Rasheed, A. Interface learning of multiphysics and multiscale systems. Physical Review E, 102, 053304, 2020.

The article can be accessed at arXiv:2006.10112.